Friday, November 14, 2008

Story behind the flashback...

A few of you wanted to know the story behind this flashback friday.  I wrote a letter to my girls right after I shaved my head.  I will share it with you now.

July 23, 2007

My Dearest Girls,

I wanted to write to you while this is still fresh and God fingerprints are still anew in my mind. One week ago Sunday I had the privilege of having Lauren Ellwein shave my head. She is currently undergoing chemo treatments for Ewing’s sarcoma.(A type of bone cancer found in her pelvic bone.)

About 3 months ago we were all driving home from Nana and Papa’s house, when I leaned over and told your Dad that I had a feeling that someday I would shave my head. I felt the Lord was preparing me in advance for something that I was going to do. He said that I would look cute bald. I thought maybe I would have cancer, or one of you or someone very close to me and then I would shave my head. Timing was a mystery to me but I thought it would be something in the far off future.

Little did I know that God had a different plan for me. Just over a month ago, Lauren was diagnosed. I gave it a little thought but then let it pass my mind. One night while I was praying and reading God’s word the Shama came to mind. “Love the Lord while all your heart, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.” I would shave my head in an instant for one of you, now would I do it literally for a neighbor girl? It was a done deal in my mind. I talked to Lauren’s mom and then called her in the hospital and asked if we could shave our heads together. She giggled and thought it would be fun.

I learned while she was shaving my head that she wanted to be a hair dresser. So I was her first official client. Pretty easy cut – don’t you think? We video taped it and Nana watched via Ichat. Daddy was in Omaha that weekend so he saw me the next morning.

All the firsts were crazy! The first time you wash your hair and put conditioner in out of habit. Or the first time you lay down on a pillow…it feels really weird. But it nothing compared to what Lauren is going through right now. We went to the mall together to look for hats. People look. But that is just because we are different.

I am praying for a miracle for Lauren. I want to see her walk down her wedding isle someday and have her send me Christmas cards of her growing family. God has a special plan for her life just as he has for yours. He knows the number of our days before one of them comes to be. He knows the number of hairs on our heads. I put my trust and hope in Jesus – The Way, The Truth and The Life!

My prayer is that my life will point you closer to God. I want to be the best example of Christ for you. I love all three of you more and more everyday.

I am doing exactly what God has called me to do…be your mommy!

I love each one of you more than you will ever know!

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Andie said...

Thanks for posting the story...I did a little reading on your blog and found the story at the beginning! WOW! What a wonderful thing to do for a friend! live in St. Cloud, Minn!! My DH went to college in the cities. We met and got married at a camp just outside of Henning, MN. We lived in a small town in Iowa about 45 miles from SF for 4 years. SF is our FAVORITE city! DH is a pastor, and we've always said that if he ever gets a call to a church in SF, there will be no hesitation...we're GOING! Right nwo we live in western Kansas...only about 4 hours from my family in Wichita, KS. I love Minnesota in the summer! Not so much in the winter! :o)