Sunday, November 2, 2008

6:15 am

This was the time the wee ones decided that it was morning around here.  I then had the brilliant idea that they should stay in their room until there was a 7 on the clock.  (Just like any other day)
They made it until 6:50 when all mayhem broke out.  Not too bad for being put to bed so early!

We spent the afternoon and evening with extended family for November birthdays.  Lydia felt like a queen since it will be her b-day on Tuesday.  

I also made 25 sets of bows last night.  I have been working very hard to build up my inventory so that I can sell my nursing shawls, bows, and head scarves here in St. Cloud as well as Sioux Falls. I am putting all the money that I make into our adoption fund.  $10 dollars here and $20 dollars there starts to add up over time!

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