Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday

Remember when I didn't have any hair?  I sent Carl a picture text when I did it because he was in Omaha that weekend.  This year Lauren is cancer free and has the cutest little pixie cut right now.  

This is when three girls actually fit in the tub without fighting for space.  They have gotten so tall in the past year.


Wife to the Rockstar said...

WOW. That first photo is so beautiful. I don't know the story behind it. Is it on your blog?

The three girls in the tub is precious! I REMEMBER when I had 3 little girls and they would all fit together too!

Andie said...

I never had 3 girls, but my two girls and 1 boy fit fine...for a while! Now I do let me girls share a bath...but more water ends up on the floor than on their heads!
I also love the first photo...I'd love to hear the rest of the story!


Susan said...

I loe your family photo in the field! That is so beautiful.
Enjoyed visiting your blog:)

Permission to Mother said...

The three girls in a tub is so cute. I've got three boys.

All the photos on your blog are great.