Friday, November 21, 2008

Adoption Classes

We just completed the next step in our adoption which was to attend two days of classes. 

Was it helpful?  Over all I would say yes but there were aspects that I thought could have been extremely better.  I know we made some great connections with other families who are in the same place we are right now and I am looking forward to their friendships continuing in the future.

One thing that I took home was the fact that we are now a minority family.  We are not a caucasian family but a transracial family from here on out. We will look and act different than what we were before.   This is something that my extended family with have to deal with too.  But I want to stress that whenever you add a member to your create a new family identity. 

The paperwork is going to ....stink!  I wanted to use another word to describe it, but refrained myself.  My life has never been so completely invaded by complete strangers in my life.  Questions up the wazoo with the never ending..."what is your philosophy..."  and a stranger is going to be able to meet us twice and come into our home once and decide if we would make good adoptive parents.  (I completely understand why they have to do it, but the process just takes so long that it is frustrating.)  

I am so looking forward to the day when I can meet our heart longs for them, but God is calling me to a long season of patience endurance and it is going to be well worth the wait.  

I have paper over load because I think we took home a whole tree of paper!  

Good night!

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Roo said...

I can't imagine opening my home to more children...not even more of my own biological children. I wish I had more of a mother's heart, like you do, Angel. I don't know if it's something inborn if it can be nurtured out of me. :) Maybe I'll have to try to bless others with different gifts. Congrats on starting the tree-killing process! ;)