Thursday, November 13, 2008

God's favor and Grace

Last night I could not remember where I put a very important piece of paper. It was something that I should have know exactly where it was at all times since our move.  I stayed up well past midnight and could not find it and like any mother, I laid in bed just thinking about where in the world could I have put it.  Thus, I did not sleep well, but in the morning I was granted grace and it all worked out even though I still haven't found it.  

This afternoon Carl received great news that we have some awesome potential business by the end of the year! Yahoo!

And....drum roll please....
We might have sold our house! Keep praying on this one because a LOT of details need to be in place before we can say for sure.  But even the slightest glimmer of  hope, gives me great hope! I love our old house and all the memories that are there, but I am ready for someone else to begin to create new memories there.

I am feeling so overjoyed.  God is always watching over his children and His timing is not always our timing.  There are so many times that I wonder what in the world is God up too?  Why this or why that?  I trust Him full well that He is working for my good even in the trying and stretching times of life.

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Angel- I will pray that you find the paper. I will also pray for the sale of your house (and, believe me, am rejoicing with you for the hope!!)