Saturday, November 1, 2008


My children were, let's just say a little tired tonight.  So, I decided that it was going to be an early bedtime especially since Adie thought she needed to be up from 11 - 1 am last night.  I was so proud of myself that I was able to get everyone into bed and shut the door at 6:45 pm.  I remind you that they were VERY tired and usually go to bed around 7:30 ish.  

I come into the office and start researching on how to clean bath tubs because I just can't seem to get mine clean.  Anyways, I go and read Fox News to only see that tonight is daylight savings. YIKES! that means my children went to bed at 5:45 pm.  They are going to be up soooooo early tomorrow morning.  I am guessing that tomorrow will be a long day.  Hopefully they all take a nap. 

Last night Carl and I had the best date!   He ran and got cheesy bread from Papa John's and rented Pride and Prejudice.  (awesome movie!  I should read the book sometime with all my free time)  I felt like I was back in college ... that was until Adie thought she needed to watch the last half with us.  I completely fell in love with the characters and Carl even liked it too!

I am off to go and make hair bows!

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