Sunday, November 16, 2008

Honey do list...

We completed the WHOLE "honey do list" this weekend.  I cannot believe it!  and there were some big projects on there too!  (fix the skylight so it wouldn't be a vent for all of our heat to escape this winter.  Caulk around the kitchen floor because the installer did a pretty poor job, completed the sound booth, mud and taped the bathroom ceiling, changed thermostats, and many small little things that never get done.)  I even took a picture of Carl with everything checked off!

Now we could not have done without my mom coming and playing with the girls, running to Menards for us, and holding my hand while I broke two screws trying to put up safety latches under the sink.  (she broke two we improvised with a few nails.)  So, thank you mom for everything.  A girl still needs her mom no matter how old she is!

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Rosemari said...

Angel, sorry to reply here... my replies to your e-mails keep bouncing right back. Please send current phone #...

Yes, they are out of catalogs. In the meantime, they are offering FREE spring catalogs with update flyers until the Jan 09 catalogs come out. You just pay the shipping. :-) I believe this is the item... Fall Catalog(10/pk) & Flyer(20) Set 899079A
I can send you four catalogs, otherwise, but not until after next Monday.... I'm short too!!