Sunday, August 31, 2008


Last night I went to bed at 8:15.  (I was so tired and had a headache all day)  I woke up at 6:45!  Can you believe it - 10 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  No one cried or called for Mommy all night!  I think college was the last time that I slept that many hours in a row!  Needless to say, I woke up refreshed and ready to go. That was the best B-day gift the girls could have given me!  

Yesterday when I heard Grace and Lydia talking before they got out of bed, this is what I heard...

Grace: "Lydia...(pause and wait)Lydia... (another long pause and wait)Lyida...are you awake?

Lydia:  "Yes."  Then there was little girl ramblings that I couldn't decipher through the walls. 

and then Grace said,  "Oh, Lydia, today is mom's birthday.  We better go and sing."

So sweet that one of the first things that they remembered was to come and sing to me.  I love my girls for their sincere hearts!

We made it to early church and had a Target run in before lunch.

Now we had a little different lunch...Lucky Charms.  I wouldn't recommend this everyday, but hey, daddy is gone and we are just doing things a little different this weekend.

Now I am off to scrub my floors!  We spilled three bowls of cereal at lunch.  Adie likes to watch milk drip off the table while ever so innocently saying, "uh oh."


We went to the lake yesterday.  It was fun to hang out with the cousins because the day before we really didn't see them much.  Carl's aunt surprised me with cupcakes for my birthday - she even brought candles - so thanks Darlene.  I usually don't have cake anymore since Grace's is the day before.  Oh - i have to find the pictures on her cake...We let her decorate it herself (Liddy-Bug helped too of course)

Off to church today...


Friday, August 29, 2008

Real deal

Today is the "REAL" birthday and Grace thinks we should have another birthday party and presents.   So instead of a party we are going out for lunch.  (This is a huge treat for me!  Eating out doesn't happen very much in the world of a stay at home mom.  Now Carl on the other hand...let's just say I have to admit my jealousy every once in awhile)

Where should my children ask to go? 

"....the place with rice with little carrots and peas in it"

"Oh - you want fried rice?"

"Yes, that is just the best rice in the whole world."

So we are going out to lunch for some yummy chinese.  And the best part is that I am going to leave the rice mess at the restaurant.   There always seems to be just as much rice in their bellies as there is on the floor and any mother knows that cleaning rice off the floor is just sticky.  (unless  you let it sit for a couple of hours and let it dry, but then you take the risk of having rice all over your house because it will stick to the bottom of everybody's feet.  Oh the dilemma's of having small children:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Un-Birthday Party

We had Grace's un-birthday tonight because Daddy is going to be gone on Friday at Lifelight in Sioux Falls.  I can't believe that my little girl is turning five! She is such a bundle of energy, full of life and a never ending slough of words.  I love her tender heart and her eagerness to be so very generous with her time and talents.  She brings lots of laughter and joy to our home and I am so thankful God gave me Grace to be my first born.  I am blessed because of her.

As you can see, her sister and her cousins had a better view of the box.  We had to tell them to sit on their hands so Grace could actually see her own present.

Every girl needs a pair of Barbie Roller-skates.  (along with knee, elbow and wrist pads)

Adie really wants a puppy for her birthday, but she is just going to have do with Hershey (the neighbor's dog, aka their cousin's house)

Last week Grace was a little distraught over the fact that she wasn't going to have her Golden Birthday until she turned 29.    Little is an understatement.  She had full blown tears and sobs over this revelation. 

 I told her, "That's okay honey, I haven't had my golden birthday yet.  I have to wait until next year."

Her reply between even louder sobs, "Mom, you are so old.  I don't want to wait that loooooooong."

Eventually like most dramas at our house, I was able to distract her onto something else.  It was a funny moment to be crying over your golden birthday.  I am curious to know what she thought was going to happen on her golden birthday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Books?

I am looking for some good books to read.  I have been reading The Power of a Praying Mother recently and I am enjoying praying over specific areas for my children.  

Do you have any suggestions as to what I should get at the library?  Fiction or non-fiction, I would love to hear from all of you that check out this blog.  Sometimes the library is so overwhelming to me and I don't even know where to begin!

I am looking forward to some great suggestions!


Monday, August 25, 2008

party continued....

The neighborhood party turned out wonderfully!  I was bummed that Alice, the woman who owned our home before was unable to come because she got sick this afternoon.  She would have just loved to see her all her old friends again.  I enjoy creating a sense of community.

I am super tired so I am off to bed!

Neighborhood party

Tonight we are having a neighborhood party (next door at my sister-in-laws).  We both were sick and tired of not knowing the neighbors so we are planning a party.  

When Carl and I lived in Fargo, we didn't know a single neighbor really - we all opened our garage door, drove in and closed the door.  That was it.  No - relationships, no borrowing that cup of sugar.  I didn't like it but I did nothing to change the situation.

So when we moved to SF,  I decided that I was going to change.  No one was going to bring me cookies so I was going to bring the cookies to them.  We had neighborhood parties, ice cream socials, and I made a directory.  This came in handy when the neighbor's sprinkler system was broken and I was able to leave a message so they could fix it.  Had I not had their number, I would have forgotten to go over there later that evening to tell them.  I loved knowing my neighbors!  I still miss knowing most the neighborhood!  It was such a great community!

So - here we are again.  Starting over in a new neighborhood, praying to build relationships.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am actually going to pick up the dear old woman who lived in our house so she can attend the get together.   I don't think my generation has been taught very well on how to be neighbors.  I hope to teach my children to love their neighbors - literally!

 I will let you know what happens...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Park adventure

We seem to make everything at our house an adventure.  

Killing spiders

finding the lost shoe

emptying the dishwasher

and of course going to the park...

but first I had to post a picture of Adie from 2 nights ago.  She thought that she was so cool sitting in Daddy's chair watching the Olympics.  Why she has her sunglasses on, I don't know, but she is still so cute.

Here we are at the best park in St. Cloud...that we have found thus far.

Lydia walked/ran the whole way home (1.66 miles).  She wanted to know if she was a rockstar...of course we assured her that she was indeed a rockstar!

I think we are going to stimulate the economy by visiting Menards.  It is a love/hate relationship with that store. We will see how bad the damage will be.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Normal

I think we have settled into our new normal.  I like that!  I am such a creature of routine that it feels good to have school, play, lunch, rest and more fun.  

Carl and I are getting into the groove of being with each other all day everyday.  Communication is so critical.  It is so easy to let satan get into the daily business of life - where one little comment or something not said can fester and turn into a big deal.  So we are trying very hard to nip things before they even begin.  It is a daily, "How are you doing?  ....  Can I help with anything?  Am I helping too much?  etc."  I love my husband and I think he is doing such an amazing job stepping out of his comfort zone and listening and obeying to what the Lord has put in his heart - that is to create a video production company that doesn't compromise the word of God and does all things for HIS glory.  For that  -  I love you honey!  

We are having a client come over this evening to work on a project so I better go and clean bathrooms, vacuum and bake some cookies with my girls.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Gavin

Grace and Lydia were able to hold their baby cousin Gavin.  Excited would not even describe how they were.  They feel so big and important when they get the chance to hold the little guy.  Grace is certain and someday he will tease her about dragons but she told me that she was going to bother him with princess stuff.  I think that is her way of saying that she really likes him!

Sweet Corn

We spent the day at my parents house freezing sweet corn.

The kids thought it was fun for about 15 minutes and then decided to run off and play.
Fun eating apples - they were really sour.
Adie helping clean up.

We made 40 bags for Carrie and crew and 
40 bags for myself and
 35 bags for my mom & dad.

Whew!  What a day and now I think I should go to bed!


We went to the cabin this past weekend with some very dear friends who have just moved closer to us so now we are only 1 1/2 hours apart.  This excites us very much!  Our kids played so nice together and everyone had a great time.  

Carl built a fire and we had the best smores ever!  He took a glass plate and heated the DARK DOVE chocolate over the fire and then added a golden brown marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers and we had the best dessert around.

We had our church services at the cabin reading about how Jesus calmed the seas.  The kids then drew pictures about what we read while the adults sat and prayed for each other.  It was refreshing to be with friends and lift each other up before the Lord.  I look forward to when we can do that again.

Carl and Shane took the big kids out for a ride.  The water was simply amazing!  It was the perfect weekend to be out there.  I feel very blessed to have a get away like that only a half and hour from our home.

Pizza Fries

Carl loves to make pizza fries with the girls.  They love it because it is so MESSY!  I love it because I don't have to cook!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fort Building

There was an "awesome" fort built in my bedroom yesterday. They were back there for so long and were so quiet.  I am amazed at what a few blankets and chairs can do!

 Six of the eight!

Here we all are having popsicles.  

Carl thought it was  a little loud today for trying to work. 

I bet you can guess why:) 

You see he doesn't have a door to his office because we are finishing it and trying to get all the woodwork done too.  He is doing such a great job balancing work and family.  I am just so proud of him.   Our goal is to have it all done this weekend!

We are looking forward to this weekend when we will have some dear friends come and visit us.  Lake Cabin here we come!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun days

We've had some fun days in the kitchen.  You can see by Lydia's lips that she has already tasted the chocolate chips that went into the banana bread.  

We went to the local grocery store today for "Kids Week."  They had fun looking at the fire truck and police car and playing games and winning prizes.  They couldn't believe that they "won at every game."  The employees were very generous and letting us play until we succeeded!

Lydia really wanted to take a picture with the CareBear but Grace was scared and wouldn't do it.  Lydia said she could just drag her into the picture.  Well, they finally convinced Grace and the bear wouldn't bite.

I love the cheeks!

My girls...they are so beautiful.

Monday, August 11, 2008

School begins

We actually started last week.  Yes I know it is early, but we like to take weeks off during the year and we were just ready to get into routine.  Homeschooling is so much fun!  Don't get me wrong there is a lot of work too but in the end it is so worth it.  I get to have my children home all day with me and I get to be the biggest influencer in their lives.  What a holy and humble job!

Grace - Age 4

Lydia - Age 3

Adie 18 months

Adie wanted a picture too!  She is getting to be so big!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt took Grace and Lydia out in the backyard for a little target practice.  All the cousins enjoyed it as well.  Grandpa and Papa would be so proud!  (and Uncle Kelly too!)

These are my attempts at getting cute pictures of the cousins...

Off to Nana's house

Grace and Lydia just went to Nana and Papa's house for a sleep over.  Uncle Chris came and visited and was on his way to visit them too.  So G & L schemed as to how they could go along "just to visit."  So with gleeful waves and kisses blowing in the air, they drove off to the farm.  I love my children.

Uncle Chris was a rockstar for watching my three girls this morning while Carl and I headed off to our first Chamber of Commerce meetings.  It was great to be able to go with my hubby and encourage him on this new adventure.  Hopefully soon he will be able to post what he is working on.  Now Chris earned uncle of the year award for having to change a blow out on Adie while we were gone.  Every time that happens to me, I just remember that it is just food that has gone through a baby.  It not as gross when you think of it in those terms.  

I have Adie napping and a garage that is calling..."clean me - please."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I had the privilege of having a friend come to visit me for the day.  She is one of those friends that I wished she could move on my block and we could see each other everyday.  But life is not like that and we are fortunate if we see each other every year.  We don't get to talk that often, but when we do it is like we never left off.  Today we  talked for hours while watching our kids completely destroy the house and not even care. 

Everyone needs a friend like her.

Her little boy decided that when he went to the bathroom that his feet needed washing too.  Well, when a 3 year old washes his hands and then climbs up on the counter to wash his feet, his underwear soaked up all the water from the hand washing.  (He was in his underwear because they were in transition in dress up clothes.  Grace was the bride and he was the groom and of course Lydia was the bridesmaid.) 

 The kids played so hard today that  Lydia looked at me tonight and said, "Mommy, I am so tired.  I just need to go to bed."

Living in our fast paced culture, it is hard to make true friends.  You know the ones that you can call in the middle of night - and they would be mad at you if you didn't!  Or you can walk into their house and open up the refrigerator and take out a pop without asking.  They are there through the thick and thin and love you anyway.  We all need friends like that.

I am looking forward to meeting new people here, but it is hard to be in transition.  I often ask,  "God, why do you have us here right now?  What are you doing beyond my thinking?"  He is always working for us and I know God has something so much more than Telescope Media Group.  I am enjoying living the adventure with my best friend and children.  I pray that I leave a godly legacy for them to follow.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Get your fresh lemonade...

Grace and Lydia REALLY wanted to have a lemonade stand this morning.  I just didn't have the heart to tell them we live at the end of a cul-du-sac and not much traffic goes by.  But we were rescued by Nana stopping by.   Lydia picked out two $1 bills out of Nana's purse and said that would do.  So Nana was gracious and paid $2  for a 3/4 cup of lemonade.  Daddy, Dan and Cody also helped to make their money cup fill up.  

Lydia just being cute.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Few pictures from today

Adie thinks that she is a "big girl" now and wants to walk everywhere.  Never mind that she fell five times trying to walk up the driveway.  She was so proud of herself when she finally made it to the top.

The cadillac of all strollers.  I love this thing!  It took me a while to save up for this bad boy but it was worth it!  We use it all the time to go on longer walks or just for containment in the mall.
I get so many strange looks.  I actually love watching people's reaction to this stroller.  (Valco Baby is the brand name just in case you were wondering.)

We made it to the park and I had some happy girls.

If I don't know where she is, chances are the bathroom.  It is the first place I look.  She has never actually gone potty in the potty chair, but someday she will surprise herself and do it.  Cousin Della likes the chair we pulled it out for her, but Adie seems to like it too!  Maybe I will have her trained before she turns two!

Thoughts for the day

I have been reading the the book of Matthew  and Luke lately and have been pondering life for Mary and Elizabeth for that matter.  What did they really feel like?  Elizabeth never saw or met the angel but I am sure she knew his presence by the way Zechariah acted.  Mary on the other hand was pregnant and not married.  What did people say or think?  Were there hushed tones whenever they walked into a room.  Mary stayed with Elizabeth for 3 months.  Did either of them experience morning sickness?  What did they feel when the initial shock wore off?  

Once they had John and Jesus...did they hang out?  Being cousins and all, one would expect to see family as often as they could.  I always think of Jesus being a man, but what was life like as a child.  Did he talk all the time at the supper table?  or was he the kid who always lagged behind because he was taking in all the beauty that He created.  He probably was the kid who everyone wanted to hang out with because he made everyone feel so special.  So here we have John and Jesus...did they go fishing together, tell each other boy "gross" stories, get muddy and dirty and giggle about it the whole way home?

What did it smell like where they lived? You know you really KNOW a place when you can almost taste the smell of a place.  I don't know if that makes sense at all but I know what I am trying to say.  When I think of being in China, I get a taste and a smell all at the same time.  

These are just my thoughts for today...

Random note:  Grace and Lydia are doing each other's hair right now.  I will have to take pictures to show you my little hairstylists.  They make me laugh!