Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Lydia

My Liddy Bug turns 4 today.  FINALLY!  Lydia was the most mature 3 year old that I know who thinks she is more like 7 than 4.  Always wanting to keep up with her older sister and cousins, she will not be left out!  She is such a sweet girl who brings so much life and energy to our family.  Usually every morning she comes in bright and early to greet the day and she always has a huge smile on her face and is really hungry too!  Lydia couldn't wait to eat her bran muffin this morning.

This afternoon we are going to Papa and Nana's house for a long awaited slumber party and her three cousins get to come too!  She planned her menu of sausage, smashed potatoes, and LONG green beans, (the short ones taste different) and birthday cake.  Plus she is getting her hair cut at Jessica's.  Pictures will come tomorrow!


jenny said...

Happy Birthday Lydia!!! Such a sweet girl, always so loving and helpful with my Mercy. Have a great day!!!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to Lydia!! Hope you all are well and enjoying this beautiful fall!

Jake said...

Happy Birthday Liddy! (even if I am a day late!)