Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I am learning

Boys are loud.

They love to jump, run, bump, hit, touch, take apart and color on just about anything.

They are not satisfied with being outside for 30-45 minutes...they want 3-4 hours.

They can talk just as much as girls.

If they are not roughed at least once a day(ie: Daddy throwing them on the couch)...they become extremely feisty and hard to be around.

They are very proud of the smells and noises that come out of their bodies.

They liked to be told that they are fast and strong.

They could care less if their clothes match, are inside out, backwards or clean.

They eat a TON of food...even when they are two years old.

They are great helpers.

They are extremely fun and compliment all the girls in my house.

I love my boys!


Daphne said...

Angel, I have 2 boys and I believe you have described them to a T. And made me smile doing it.

Heather said...

SO true - I LOVE that you are getting to experience life with boys and you have described it so well. I can most definitely relate to being thrown around by Dad as a daily necessity for them - I need to buff up for the days when Dad's away. : )

Anonymous said...

As the father of 3 boys, two of them small - I Agree!!

Phillip said...

I just love my boys too! Everything you wrote is so true!

the johnson crew said...

that made me laugh! welcome to the world of boys! :)