Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today Lydia's ladder to her bunkbed just completely fell apart. I was shocked.

Upon further inspection, it was missing three screws and almost every other screw was loose.

I simply couldn't believe it until...

I looked at Silas.

He had the most guilty look on his face ever. (At this point, I had to keep from laughing)

I asked him if he knew where the screws were. He produced one almost immediately. We all found another one and the third is still missing.

That little stinker must have been trying to unscrew all the screws every night until he had them loose.

The ladder is repaired and all loose screws are tightened.

(Note to self: Now that you have boys, check anything mechanical periodically)


Michelle H. said...

Oh, that is too funny! The mind of a boy has definite differences to that of a are getting the FULL taste of that all at once!

Anonymous said...

He must have a gift in that area! I don't know that all boys would unscrew something like that. That takes a lot of attention to detail, task-oriented mind, ability to persist.. not to mention the ability to figure out how to do this without anyone witnessing. He sounds like one smart boy!

the johnson crew said...

living in this apartment, we have our bunk beds stacked up. In our home we had the 2 bed side by side... our ladder too is a nusense and a safety hazard. when the boys get up i put up the ladder every morning - either the youngest two are climbing up or somebody is using the ladder as a weapon.

that is pretty amazing that your son dis-assembled your ladder. what a talented little fella!

it is wonderful that you are documenting all these little memories. your children will apreciate hearing these stories someday and get a good laugh. - i know our kids love to hear stories about their past.

and i am always encouraged by your desire to be posative adn striving to be controlled by the Spirit.

God bless you!

Kristin said...

That totally sounds like something Chase would do. Even when he was quite small he was fascinated with how things went together (or came apart) and he still has that fascination at 10! :)