Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Many people think that just because I have six small children that I have a lot of patience.

Nope. Not really. I get frustrated with my children. Sometimes I yell at them...many times I do it in my head but something nice and sweet comes out. Even with this, I have still sinned because I am not letting the Holy Spirit work within me. Usually as soon as I think that I have handled a situation pretty well, (a proud heart) I am humbled quite quickly with another opportunity to exhibit patience.

Today 3 kids had shots - Lydia, Silas and Titus. I took Jack with too (well, because I never leave a nursing baby until they can take a sippy cup) Grace and Adie went to play at the cousins.

First I must say how proud I am of my little Liddy bug. She received 4 shots and a finger poke without so much a tear coming from her. She was so brave and strong.

Now there was a constant circus going on with Silas and Titus. Touching, jumping, running, switiching lights on and off, leaving the room etc. I wore Jack in a sling becuase I knew that I would need two hands available at all times for those two. I am so thankful that I did because I could have used a third hand today. I had to answer all these questions to confirm that Lydia is indeed working hard to learn and has no major developmental delays.

(Side note: Jack weighs 14.5 lbs and was 2 months last Friday - I told you he was growing)

We survived an hour in the room with everyone getting their shots, but we still needed to go to lab. Whewwww! Lydia needed a hearing check, finerger poke and urine sample. Everything went great until the last one. Trying to get a nervous 5 year old to pee in a cup is a difficult task. She just couldn't do it. Honestly - I don't know if I could either if I had to watch and listen to Silas and Titus run all around the bathroom, have your baby brother screaming and your mom holding a cup between your legs. It was quite the sight.

But I kept my cool. I was patient.

Now, we needed to go pick up the sisters and Lydia was able to spend some special time at the cousins because of her bravery.

It was lunch time. I needed to nurse Jack first.

I manage to get leftovers on the table and Silas threw a fit, so he needed to leave the table.
Adie didn't make it to the table for 30 minutes because she needed to clean up a mess of hair bows/ribbons/ties/pony holders etc that she threw all over the floor. She finally made it to the table only to yell and scream about everything I put in front of her. After 45 minutes of this drama I realize that I am yelling at my kids and completely impatient. I wanted to eat Adie if she screamed at me one more time. While this was going on, Titus broke a glass out of the dishwasher.

Did I mention that Jack has another cold? and I am so nervous that he will have to do back to the hospital. So, I have been sleeping with him in the chair so that he can be almost upright when he sleeps. I am also wearing him most of the day. All this being said, I am a little sleep deprived.

BUT, I quieted my spirit and prayed for God to grant me mercy over the next hour. I could never do life without him. Seriously, I am only saved by his grace and mercy. It is nothing that I have done or could possibly do on my own. I am not patient, loving, kind, merciful, generous, humble etc. on my own. It is only Jesus working in and through me.

I am sure that I will have many more opportunities today to be patient. I am praying that I can.


Tengesdal 4 said...

I am praying the joy of the Lord will be your strength today! (Not to mention that you get a chance to catch up on some sleep!!)
Love you!

Ruthie said...

This makes me laugh...another mother to share my doctor adventures with...the last time we went to the Doctors, the secretary thought they were having a power outage, which I replied, nope that is just my kid playing with the light switches! When all 3 go in at the same time, it requires 3 nurses to help hold kids!

Kristin said...

I hear too often, "You're a saint!" Nope. Sorry. Just human. My favorite response to the question, "How do you do it?" is, "Only by God's grace." Isn't it good that we have a big God?

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks so much for your honest! I just wrote a post (that will post later this evening) about "a bad day ... a very bad day" that I had.

As the mother of a dozen, I too always hear, "You must be so patient."

Oh no. On the contrary. I probably prayed for patience once and the Lord thought, "Maybe I should give her a dozen kids to teach her some patience."

Am I super-mom? No, I am just an ordinary mama, with an extra-ordinary God.

:) :) :)