Thursday, October 2, 2008

Walmart/Sams club

By 8:45 this morning I had the three girls loaded in the van for a "quick" Walmart/Sam's club run.  Now there is nothing quick about either of these two places, but I am optimistic - my kids will patiently wait for me while I shop, they will want to stay right by my side and Adie will stay in the cart and not scream.  Like I said, I am optimistic.  

Adie made it through Walmart with only a few screams and Grace and Lydia were little rockstars for being obedient.  Sams club was a different story...just as there was no room in the inn...there was no room in the cart.... 3 boxes of diapers, 6 gallons of milk, 3 kinds of bread, beans, broccoli, dishwasher detergent, laundry soap and some Christmas gifts....with a trailing Adie.  If she wasn't so stinkin' cute, she would be in a heap of trouble.  She followed us around at least a 1/2 isle behind the whole store with her cheesy grin.  So imagine walking down the isle and seeing this smile.  I am laughing even as I write this because it is so funny.

We did a delivery to Carrie... a mommy of six deserves a personal shopper every once in a while.

Had lunch with all 9 kiddos ...

and now I am working on supper - gotta love tater tot hotdish! Yum.

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