Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blessed beyond all measure

So, I just received a text message from a very dear friend who said that there is a $xxx dollar check in the mail for our adoption fund.  You see, she had a garage sale today and that is what they made.  I am so blown away by her love and gracious giving.  I don't even know what to say, but my heart is bursting with joy.  

Today I struggled with the fact that I never thought of before with the agency that we chose.  If I should become pregnant, then we have to stop the adoption process and wait until my youngest child is one and then start again.  This thought grieves me to the point that I was thinking that we should switch to a different agency.  But then God reminded me how He is totally in control of me and my family.  Why should I be concerned, when He has it all in the palm of his hand.   We  are choosing not to have more children of my womb at this time because we feel called to expand our family with the orphaned.  Just to put it plainly, I am very fertile.  So this is very much a choice on our part.  If God wants me pregnant then I submit to His will not my own.   Life is so much easier for me when I put my selfish desires...even if they are good and godly...on the back burner and let God reign over my life.  

So we are now filling out paperwork.  Carl went and got his birth certificate and we got our fingerprints at the police station.  (small side note:  I love small town police stations.  We both were able to get fingerprinted for $5 each, plus he let us make 2 copies.  And it was 4:30 on a Friday so we had to call the dispatch so they could send a cop, who by the way looked no older than 22.  My hometown is great!)  I am hoping to send in everything this week and go onto phase two.  This we need to attend a two day conference on adoption in the cities.

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