Sunday, October 5, 2008


The other day was just beautiful here.  I am missing the 10 degrees warmer that it was in SF around this time of year.  We were out in the yard shoveling leaves....we don't own a rake because we lived in Fargo...umm no trees there and then on the great plains of SD and yes you guessed it, no trees there.  But we do have snow shovels, so that is working for now.  I think with this many oak trees in our yard that we better invest in a rake...kind of the only good investment these days.

Here is Lydia sporting it out on her Dora bike.

Grace not liking the leaves on her head.

Lydia being Lydia.

We had a great leaf fight.

If you know Adie at all, you would be hearing "Mor, Mor."  She is doing the sign for "more," while trying to say it too.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, we had raccoons on our roof again last night.  We really need to do something about them!  It is kind of freaky to hear those huge varmints running around the roof!

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