Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hike at St. John's College

We went hiking at St. Johns this afternoon.  It was such beautiful fall day with peak colors...I love Minnesota in the fall!  (Now come mid-January, I will be singing a different tune) 

Adie wanted to be a "big girl" and walk all by herself.  She did a great job and only took one digger.


Jamie said...

Ok, Angel, I didn't know you were a blogger!! I found you through the home school site and linked you today. You have beautiful photographs, you should be a photographer!!!

See you at dance!

jenny said...

I love your photos!!! We've been meaning to get out and do some like this before all the leaves are gone.. maybe this weekend! Your girls are so beautiful, and the leaves all over.. precious!

Melissa from MN said...

Where did you go to walk in that area? I've always wanted to walk there, but not sure where the parking and paths are...

(you can email me too at scrapper03@clearwire.net)

What beautiful pictures you took. Did you have someone taking your family picture? That is exactly what we've been wanting for our christmas cards.