Sunday, October 26, 2008


I let Lydia take a few pictures and think one actually turned out.  Not that Adie looks too happy, but I will take it~

We babysat Baby Rachel on Friday afternoon so that her mommy could go swimming:)  Grace got to hold her for 20 plus minutes and was in complete heaven!

That silly little grin again!  and those cheeks just don't quit!

She refused to put on a diaper the other day.  These panties only last about 20 minutes before she had an accident.

I catch her all the time knocking on Carl's door to his office.  She wants to be let in so she can sit on his lap and push buttons.

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Rosemari said...

Angel -- I've been trying to respond to your e-mail, but it keeps coming back to me undeliverable. Will copy my response here. Hope that is okay.

Angel, GREAT to hear from you!! Thanks for the update... and I'll certainly check out your blog! What kind of business did Carl start??

Yes, ordering a month of Order Pro is probably the best way to get your catalogs... then you can put in your homeschool coop order there as well :-)