Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pictures at the Park

We went to the park this afternoon. 
I love my girls!

Do you like my girl's head scarfs?  This is what I do when three little girls are sleeping.


Shelly said...

Wow, your girls are so beautiful. I was over on the Keller's page and I saw your comment and was excited to visit your blog. How are you all doing? It sounds like you have moved. How exciting that you are starting the adoption process too! Where is God leading your family too. At this point are you wondering who I am??? I went to Concordia dn Prism... check out the blog and maybe your memory will be refreshed. Anyway, I am so glad to see that things are going well for you!

Rachel Alderson said...

Hi Angel--hope you remember me I know you from Bethel...Anyways this is the second time I am typing this because I lost the first one! OOPS! Hope this finds your family well found you via Betsy's blog. Anyways I am in need of a production company and I kinda think that is what you guys do...Can you contact me 701-306-3615...Your girls are beautiful. We have 3 boys 8,4,2 they are super fun. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!