Saturday, August 23, 2008

Park adventure

We seem to make everything at our house an adventure.  

Killing spiders

finding the lost shoe

emptying the dishwasher

and of course going to the park...

but first I had to post a picture of Adie from 2 nights ago.  She thought that she was so cool sitting in Daddy's chair watching the Olympics.  Why she has her sunglasses on, I don't know, but she is still so cute.

Here we are at the best park in St. Cloud...that we have found thus far.

Lydia walked/ran the whole way home (1.66 miles).  She wanted to know if she was a rockstar...of course we assured her that she was indeed a rockstar!

I think we are going to stimulate the economy by visiting Menards.  It is a love/hate relationship with that store. We will see how bad the damage will be.

1 comment:

Dorg said...

In the third picture, I think Adie definately has my tongue.....

And of course Lydia is a Rockstar! You can let her know that.....