Monday, August 25, 2008

Neighborhood party

Tonight we are having a neighborhood party (next door at my sister-in-laws).  We both were sick and tired of not knowing the neighbors so we are planning a party.  

When Carl and I lived in Fargo, we didn't know a single neighbor really - we all opened our garage door, drove in and closed the door.  That was it.  No - relationships, no borrowing that cup of sugar.  I didn't like it but I did nothing to change the situation.

So when we moved to SF,  I decided that I was going to change.  No one was going to bring me cookies so I was going to bring the cookies to them.  We had neighborhood parties, ice cream socials, and I made a directory.  This came in handy when the neighbor's sprinkler system was broken and I was able to leave a message so they could fix it.  Had I not had their number, I would have forgotten to go over there later that evening to tell them.  I loved knowing my neighbors!  I still miss knowing most the neighborhood!  It was such a great community!

So - here we are again.  Starting over in a new neighborhood, praying to build relationships.  I am excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am actually going to pick up the dear old woman who lived in our house so she can attend the get together.   I don't think my generation has been taught very well on how to be neighbors.  I hope to teach my children to love their neighbors - literally!

 I will let you know what happens...

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Heather said...

Way to go Angel! You are always inspiring me - that's why I love to read your blog. That was serious corn by the way - nothing compared to your little leftover magic at the cabin. You so remind me of the P31 woman!!! I pray your neighborhood party goes well and that you soon feel better connected to those living around great that you can share in the endeavor with your next door fam.