Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Normal

I think we have settled into our new normal.  I like that!  I am such a creature of routine that it feels good to have school, play, lunch, rest and more fun.  

Carl and I are getting into the groove of being with each other all day everyday.  Communication is so critical.  It is so easy to let satan get into the daily business of life - where one little comment or something not said can fester and turn into a big deal.  So we are trying very hard to nip things before they even begin.  It is a daily, "How are you doing?  ....  Can I help with anything?  Am I helping too much?  etc."  I love my husband and I think he is doing such an amazing job stepping out of his comfort zone and listening and obeying to what the Lord has put in his heart - that is to create a video production company that doesn't compromise the word of God and does all things for HIS glory.  For that  -  I love you honey!  

We are having a client come over this evening to work on a project so I better go and clean bathrooms, vacuum and bake some cookies with my girls.

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