Thursday, February 18, 2010


We are praying, Lord willing to go home today.

Jack started out the night rough because he kept setting his monitors off and they are LOUD! (so the nurses down the hall can hear it with the door closed). His stats kept dropping down to 88 -89% and thus set the alarms off since he needs to stay above 90%. By the time I would stand up and check on him, he would bring himself back up to 91%. We must have played this game about 40-50 times between 10pm -12:30 am.
I was getting weary. I knew they wanted to put him back on oxygen and that meant we would have to start over on the 24 hour w/o to get out of here. I fell asleep only to wake up an hour later to a very hungry boy and his oxygen monitor off. My mind was completely confused - I slept for an hour without hearing the monitor and it was shut off. I nursed my baby and the nurse came in to tell me that the doctor had ordered him to be periodically checked with oxygen not continuously. Hallelujah! No more dipping below the line to set the alarms off. We had a pretty good rest of the night and here I sit to wait for the rounding doctor. Yesterday he only came at 12:45 pm, it might be a long morning.


the j. crew said...

praying you come home today.

Wife to the Rockstar said...

I am just catching up. You need a "followers" button so I can follow you.

I am glad you are home. But, what on earth have you been through?? Sounds horrible. I am going to read back now.