Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update from the hospital

It is a crazy thing to be back here in the hospital with my sick little boy. This is something that I didn't anticipate - I don't like how familiar I'm becoming with this hospital. Jack has RSV and is on oxygen. He will be here until he can keep his stats above 90% w/0 oxygen for 12-24 hours. It is mostly sitting and waiting.

It is not too often that a mom of six children has all this one on one with her youngest. Actually I was talking to Carl yesterday about how it still makes me do a double take when I say or write "mom of six children." It is almost as if I want to put my hand to my chest and say, "Is that really me?" I have to remind myself sometimes that I have 6 kids. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous that I have to remind myself. I count to 6 at least 50 times per day trying to keep track of everyone. But it is true, I honestly forget. It must be one of God's mercies to me.

Carl is an amazing husband taking care of our other 5 small children. He took them outside this afternoon to go zip-lining with the cousins. (This is no small task.) 210 feet of sheer fun for Silas, not so much for Titus and Adie, well, let's say she climb the ladder and that was enough for her. He fed the troops supper and now is in the chaos of bedtime routine. I am praying for him because it is hard work to do it alone. I will hopefully get an update later tonight from him.

Jack is sleeping soundly and I am praying that he is off oxygen tonight and that he is remarkably better in the morning.


Steph and Mitch T said...

Just want you to know that I've sat there before in a similar situation...Caleb (now 9 years old) was right around 4 months old, nursing, and he was soooo sick. He stayed in the hospital 5 days, but we were covered with God's blessing through it all. I am praying for you!

Katie said...

We've been there (twice) with Macey. Enjoy your time with Jack, and I hope he is doing better soon.

Jason said...

i'm praying for you all.

Marilyn said...

Angel - you are amazing - strength from the Lord. I'm following your blog - [I'm Lindsey's mom] May God breathe His breath into Jack so you can both go home soon.

Wife to the Rockstar said...


Kristin said...

So sorry Angel. I hope Jack is doing much better!

I too count to six many times a day (especially if we're out and about)... "Two, four, five, six". Yes, I group the first few. ")

Hugs, hon!