Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have spent enough time in this hospital to know that their chairs in the patient rooms and NICU are horrible and not friendly to breast feeding women. In the NICU, they are glorified lawn chairs and here in Pediatrics they at least rock but the sides are wooden and it doesn't recline at all. I don't even think these chairs would be comfortable to console an older child.

I have taken my Sam's Club recliner for granted for way too long. I usually think falling asleep in my chair at home is very uncomfortable, but compared to here that chair is AMAZING! I am not going to complain about falling asleep in my chair again.

Jack Update:
He is off oxygen, but his numbers are still setting off the alarms every once in a while. I am trying everything I can to keep the oxygen off so we can go home tomorrow. We really need to get home and help the daddy out.
I feel so completely torn being here and knowing that I have 5 kids and a husband at home who need me too. I can't really leave Jack for any length of time because this is not the same care as in NICU. He has his own room, but the nurses are all running around and they just listen for when he cries. I am never that far away from my little guy and I want to make sure he has the best care possible. So- with all that being said I sit here and wait for his little body to heal.

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