Sunday, February 21, 2010

clean towels

Titus wanted to make sure that I washed all the kids' towels tonight.

He took about a gallon of water out of the bathtub and dumped it on the floor. (Now mind you, I was in the office turning on the Olympics for the three younger ones to watch while I washed Grace and Lydia's hair.) He was having too much fun with the water to hear me calling him. I actually caught him jumping in it like it was a rain puddle.

At this point, I had to ask Grace and Lydia why they didn't say anything. They gave me blank looks and shrugged their shoulders.

boys...boys...boys...what will they think of next. (Poor Titus, I think Silas was involved too but he was coming out of the bathroom as I walked he looked innocent this time:)


crazylady said...

ohhhhh yes... We have struggled for YEARS with teaching the children what tatteling is vs. reporting. (That is what we call it.) Tatteling is when you WANT your sibling to get in trouble. Reporting is when you are concerned for someone's safety or making an enormous mess (and concerned for their safety hee hee)

Katie said...

My twins just blame each other for any unseen crimes! Good luck!

Melodie Monberg said...

oh no...I just got caught up on your blog. WOW, it's been a journey for your family. I'm praying for STRENGTH, PATIENCE and REST for you and your husband. I know how much naps are vital for a functioning family!