Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grace's new motivation

Carl came up with a splendid idea this morning.

Grace LOVES loud, rocky music. The new Toby Mac CD just came out.

Have Grace work to earn the CD. (I think Daddy really wants the CD too, but couldn't justify buying it:)

Ground Rules:
If I ask her to do something, it doesn't count.
Before she does a job, she will negotiate a price per job.
When she is all done earning $11, she can come in the office and buy her new Toby Mac CD

She has already asked to wash windows...(this is her favorite job by the way) too bad the triplets think clean windows means that they can lick them.

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crazylady said...

We have a "Help Wanted" job list. It is great! I get extra jobs done that a nursing mom just cannot get done. And it doesn't cost too much. Things that are part of their normal chores do not get paid. oh... I learned this one at Co-op. If you burp rudely (with your mouth wide open and laughing) you clear the table... Daddy included!