Thursday, February 4, 2010


Not in the way that you all might think that I am.

Last week in the mail I received an anonymous gift in the mail from a sister in Christ. With that money I was able to purchase a Bosch mixer that I have been saving up for months and months. Every gift of cash went into this stash and every little bit that I could save here and there. That gift put me so close that Carl threw in the last little bit to make is possible for me.

I grew up with one of these mixers and was spoiled with the fact that you can mix 5 loaves of bread. You can also get the blender to go with it and food slicer too. This is a mixer that I have wanted since I left home. My mom has had hers for about 25 years and now is just needing to buy a replacement...thousands of loaves of bread later.

My Bosch mixer came in the mail today and I simply can't believe it. YEAH!

Thank you to who ever you are who made it possible for me to order it this week. It would have taken me a long time to reach my goal especially since my birthday is 7 months away.

I know that stuff does not satisfy and in the end my mixer will end up in the garbage someday. The only thing that does satisfy is Jesus. So, even in my joy of getting something that I really wanted, I want to keep my eyes fixed on the one who gives eternal life...that lasts forever!


Ruth Ann said...

wow, God is so amazing! His gifts are quite overwhelming at times, but are such blessings.

I'm so glad you have a Bosch now! They are wonderful - we've had one for years and it has done lots for us. =)

Melodie Monberg said...

I them! If you ever want to extend your Bosch to fresh ground bread, I'm selling a Nutramill. I was diagnosed with celiac a year ago and can't use my Bosch or my grain grinder now. Argh....

Angela said...

i got a Bosch and a Nutrimill for a combined Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary present in Nov. and I love them! So so happy that you have one now, too. And you are right, things don't fulfill us ultimately...only Jesus can, but things sure make life easier and more fun sometimes. :) So happy HE chose to bless you in this way through your friend, and hubs.