Thursday, December 10, 2009


We went to the dentist today with the boys

Good News:
Their teeth are stained not rotten.

Bad News:
Since they are 2 1/2 we need to put them under general anesthesia to do the cleaning costing somewhere around $3,500 per mouth. OUCH! I am praying that our medical insurance will cover the anesthesia part. We do not have dental insurance so that part is out of pocket.

They both did pretty well there, but I knew that they were thinking that they would have to get shots and blood drawn like we did at the Dr. on Monday. That was the last time I took them somewhere and when I put them in their carseats today they began to cry.

We did go and look at Christmas lights on Tuesday night but it is not scary to go somewhere with the van full of people...with just your brother and mom is usually not the best time in the world.

The cold has set in here in the frozen north and the boys don't like it. They stand and cry when we have to go out. They don't like mittens...which after today's outing, I am guessing that they will wear them from now on. Titus just stood there looking at his hands as if to say..."what in the world is wrong with my hands?"

Well, the triplets are up...gotta run.

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Angel, My little guy had the staining on his teeth too and did perfectly fine sitting in the dentist chair at the pediatric dentist. he absolutely loved it actually. He first watched his sisters get their teeth clean, and then his mouth was cleaned, and checked for cavaties and he had no cavaties and Im happy to say after 9mo home, his stained teeth near the gum lines is gone. I would get a second opinion if I were you!