Saturday, December 5, 2009

Game Plan

Tomorrow at church I will be flying solo. Carl is gone today and tomorrow with work so I came up with a plan because I just can't stay home any longer. I don't know what I would if my sister-in-law didn't live next door - we are there almost everyday playing.

I am going to take the munchkins to church and hang out in the nursery the whole time. This way Silas and Titus can get used to the surroundings and the people there. So, hopefully we will be able to drop them off in the near future. Since Silas, Titus and Adie are all the same age, they will have each other for company, plus when Della and Lars show up (cousins) then they will need an extra teacher for just us - nothing like filling up a classroom :)

We also have two babysitters coming in on Sunday night. Rowan has younger sisters who sat for us before we left for Ethiopia and my girls LOVED them. We had lunch with his family last week and the boys did great playing with them. My prayer is that this would be a positive experience for them. Carl and I need just two hours away from the house - together without children. It will be awhile before we have the opportunity to do this again, so we thought we would try it.

Adjustment has gone remarkable well. We are probably still in the "honeymoon" phase, but since they have each other I haven't seen anything that alarms me. Yes, they are two year old boys and jump off furniture, don't like green vegetables, totally pretend they don't hear me when I ask something or wait too long to go to the bathroom, but that is completely normal in my book especially since it is rare occurrences. I would like to add throw cars at the biggest window in my house...what in the world is that? Boys, boys boys!

It is interesting how my perspective has changed. When they were adopted in our family, they received everything that we have given Grace, Lydia and Adie. Just like God, we receive all of his blessings that come with adoption that someone who has been a christian for 20 years has. The same goes for my boys. I don't see them as orphans anymore. They are my kids. I love them the same as my girls...even within that love, they must follow the same rules as my girls. I thought I would give them much more leeway in behavior until I realized that they were all going to see the discrepancies in my parenting if I did that.

I can't believe in less than 5 short weeks we will changing the dynamics again. Seriously...what in the world was God thinking on this one! I used to think adding two kids at one time is a crazy concept, and now I am thinking...that's not so bad. Gosh this would be pretty darn easy if I wasn't pregnant. I am glad that I don't have to fret about it because God knew long before the dawn of time that I would be sitting here blogging about my crazy yet relatively simple life. (Simple in the fact that I have food to eat, clothing, shelter, a husband that loves me and I could go on and on.)


Tengesdal 4 said...

Angel- I love you! I love the ways that you make the Gospel real & explain how God adopted us in such concrete ways. Great game plan! Enjoy your date with your husband!!

Amy Lawrence Photography said...

ok so i finally caught up with you and your crazy busy life, when are you comming here again so i can photograph those amazing dimples of your boys? keep in touch amy 605.376.8802