Thursday, December 3, 2009

more pictures...

We stopped at a Cafe for a yummy roll and orange pop. The only think I drank all week was bottled water and 2 orange pops. I was very excited to get home to drink a cold glass of milk.The nannies really loved all the children that they took care of. Chatau came and played with the boys at the guesthouse.
This is what we walked into trying to take pictures of all the babies. Crazy is an understatement!
Coffee ceremonies are a tradition in Ethiopia. Carl and Rowan were in heaven with this coffee. They talked about the few people back home who would really appreciate this "amazing coffee."
I can't drink anything with caffeine it so not an option for me.

They also serve popcorn with the coffee. Our boys love coffee and tea...sorry, they are not getting that here. I will draw the line on that one.

Rowan showing Silas some pictures. They loved the camera all week!

What's not to love about that smile? I want to eat up those dimples!

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crazylady said...

you didn't want to drink their luke warm goat's milk?? :)