Friday, December 11, 2009

Non-biological Triplets

Here they are! Adie is definetly bigger but then again, I don't think Silas and Titus's birth parents are 5'7 and 6'3 (that makes a difference!) I truly believe they are all within a couple of months of each other. Silas and Titus were given the birth date of 6/16/07.

You should see how people tilt their head to the side and their eyebrows scrunch up when I say that I have non-biological triplets. Or when they ask if the boys are twins...I just say non-biological twins. This satisfies them until they start thinking about it and then they feel silly to ask any more questions on the subject.

If you are wondering what Silas has all over him, the kids were making home-made stickers and they put them all over him. He thought he was so funny.


Shonni said...

They are all so cute!

Ruthie said...

Funny story, I was showing off you new picture to a co-worker and was telling her that you adpoted and she looks at the picture and asks me "which ones are adopted?" which I thought was incredibly awesome that in her eyes she couldn't see color of skin!

Katie said...

The boys have a half-birthday coming up! :-) Be sure to celebrate! They are cute!!

Soccermom said...

Been trying to catch up to you but I must have your old email. Got your blog adress from Emily. We are waiting for our TC!! anyday now! Fun to see your family!