Friday, December 4, 2009

Living Simply

I have been reading a book with our Moms group at church about living simply. I have to be honest, I have never been more annoyed with an author before in my life. I am not saying that I haven't learned things from her, but more to the fact that she is writing a book on how to live simply with two children who are in grade school, she is a writer/stay at home mom, she goes frequently on weekends away with friends, is enrolled in ballet classes once a week etc. Her life to me, looking on the outside of course doesn't seem that difficult. (I am not saying that two kids isn't hard or anything of the sort. It is just that I can't relate to this woman and her testimony.

She doesn't have a story to make me want to believe that I can do what she does. She doesn't have many small children still at home, homeschool, have adopted, trying to juggle helping her husband with a home business, a mother of multiples and so on.

Her book needs some other testimonies of other mothers on how the rubber meets the road with life. How does a mom of 6 children get out of the house and cultivate friendships? How does a mom find time to tell stories to their children when you have 4 or 5 or more and they are all clamoring for attention.

I have taken a few nuggets from her for example, I love that they named their home - REFUGE. It has a sign out in the driveway. One of her friends named their home POPIN...just so everyone knows that you can "pop in" at anytime at their home. I want to come up with a name for our home. Haven't thought of it yet, but something will come in time.

I also want to be more intentional about telling stories of my life to my children or telling stories of their own lives. God is the best story teller there is and I just love that I have his example. That is the main reason that I blog. It is not really for you the reader, but more for my children in the future to be able to come back and read about our life raw and real at the time. My memory will fail me, but written words last forever.


Katie said...

Well said!

It looks like your boys are surrounded by three wonderful sisters. I bet they will be great big brothers, too!

Lisa said...

COngratulations!! I guess its been a while since I checked in because I didn't know the boys were back home with you. They are THE sweetest things....ever! Really! Your family picture in the header is just beyond precious. God is so amazing!

Melissa said...

I know it seems like forever, but someday, you will be able to go out with friends, too. I had four in less than four years (including a set of of twins), had a home business, and then one of my kids got cancer. Now my oldest is twelve and the youngest is nine. I feel normal again . . . but I wouldn't change those early years for anything. Yeah, they were really hard -- but there was something really rewarding about collapsing at the end of the day into bed, knowing that even though I didn't think I could do it, God got me through the day and he was going to do it again. And again. And again. You will continue to mature into a beautiful young woman as you mother your children.

camilynn said...


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