Sunday, December 20, 2009

Surprise Spa Day

My mom came to town on Friday morning to get her hair cut and then she was going to come over and hang out and we were going to drive back to her house together with the kids since Carl had to work on Sat. (We had my family Christmas on Saturday and the boys hadn't met some of my brothers yet so we wanted to get there early and hang out.)

Anyway, back to the story. She came into my house and said, "Hey, you better get going. You have an apppointment with Jody to get your hair done."


"Merry Christmas!"

My mom came and watched all the kids while I left only to find out when I got there that she had arranged for me to get a massage, haircut and color. I was feeling pretty pampered when I arrived home 3 hours later. Thanks mom for a great Christmas present.

Now, I am hanging out at my parents with all the kids running around. I am glad the adult to kid ratio is still pretty darn good. Give it a few more years and life will really be crazy on my side of the family!

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