Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Picture Update

Funny story from tonight.

I traded my oldest two girls for my sister-in-laws youngest two girls so that the big girls could go to their cousins piano recital. So at supper, I put a three year old and 3 two-year-olds at a separate "bunny table" in the kitchen because we also had guests for dinner. All was fine until I heard way too much laughing, I looked up and the four of them were having a food fight. Noodles, carrots, bread were flying back and forth between the boys side and the girls side.

This is the point of parenting where you have to put your mean serious face on when in all reality you just want to bust out laughing. I didn't think they would ever do such a thing...and the funny part is that no one spilled their milk. I don't know when the last time we ate and no one spilled their milk. And here I put them at a table all by themselves and they start a food fight.


I haven't been good about taking pictures lately, so here is quite an update - Christmas with my family and just hanging out at home.

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molesky said...

Fantastic pics. The Molesky family LOVES the Larsen family!