Monday, November 23, 2009

Double Trouble

The boys were up and at 'em at 2:00 am. I don't think they are adjusted quite yet.

We tried everything to keep them quiet in their own bed. Carl must have went into their room about 10 times. One of those times, Lydia was crying uncontrollably. When he finally got back to tell me what was wrong he was laughing. Apparently, Silas and Titus ate almost her whole box of Tic-tacs that she just got from Nana. (And they thought it was funny) Lydia is my saver - she would have made the box last a month. She was so distraught over the fact they would actually take something of hers. Carl reassured her that we would buy her some more tomorrow. But I could hear her telling them, "No, no Silas and Titus! It is not nice to take other people's things and eat them."

Every time we would leave the room, Silas would say, "Good night, good-bye, Chao" and then giggle.

We finally put them in our room at 5:00 am and they actually went back to sleep. The problem is that I haven't.

Today is going to be a LONG one likes to start it at 2 in the morning. Hopefully everyone will nap this afternoon.


Tengesdal 4 said...

I will pray for naps all around!

Michelle H. said...

Wowza...2am is a bit early to start the day!! Hopefully nap time will become 'family nap time''s good you were able to laugh about the situation even at 2 in the morning... :)

Jamie said...

Yes, prayers for sleep!

They are beautiful!!! Congratulations to you all!!!

You are a perfect of pro-life in ever possible aspect, God bless you all!

Jamie said...

I meant to say "a perfect example"...

Also, P.S. I LOVE the nursing shawl!

Heather said...

Oh my - let the fun begin, huh? I just had to giggle at those boy's antics despite the timing of them, but poor sweet Lydia - I can just hear the indignation in her voice. I have a feeling you are going to have many moments of "guidance" where you will have to turn your head to hide your smile or run from the room to muffle your laugh.
Hopefully you are all getting a good nap right now!
Rest whenever you can Angel! : )