Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrating the lasts...

We are in the business this week of celebrating our lasts.

The last time we go to bed as a family of 5.
The last time we read books to only 3 children.
The last time we only have little girls in our house.
The last morning...etc.

You see we always celebrate the firsts in our lives that we fail to recognize the lasts until they have longed past. I read a book a couple years ago by Karen Kingsbury and it has really stuck with me: Let me hold you a little longer.

Our family is changing which is a glorious thing, but I want to remember and cherish each season in our lives. Because stepping on that plane on Saturday, we will enter a brand new chapter of life in the Larsen home.


Shonni said...

What a good post and reminder of how I want to look at these last few weeks before I go to Ethiopia bring home Keshawn.

Amy James said...
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Amy James said...

I came across your blog when doing some searching for adoption resources. I have loved hearing bits and pieces of the journey you and your family are on. God is using your story to encourage and bless our family, thank you for being willing to share. We are in the process of doing adoption through our state as well as fostering. I look forward to hearing about your growing family in the near future and also appreciate your reminder to celebrate the lasts in life as well as the first.

God bless and guide you all!
Amy James

lisatony said...

God bless you! Praying for safe travels, and a beautiful time meeting your sons. Congratulations!
Lisa Schneider

Wife to the Rockstar said...

So true.