Monday, February 23, 2009


Today we had our home school Co-op where I teach a team building class to 7-9 graders. I have 20 students who are energetic, loud and are way too funny for me.

We added four more students this morning and I asked the rest of the class if they could tell the new students some of my rules for class. Here is the quote -

"Don't give her attitude or she will throw you up against the wall."' (At this point, I almost wanted to pee my pants.)

My actual words were that I do not like sass and I have no problem having you sit out of all of our activities. Have I told you that I really like 7-9 graders?

Two weeks ago during class we were doing the human knot and someone farted. Seriously, I was laughing so hard at them, but I wouldn't let them break their knot and start over. They needed to figure out how to solve their problem. So, here are 9 teenagers all tangled up trying to shift across the room to move away from the smell. Hilarious! I am sure I will have more stories to tell in the future!

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crazylady said...

If you have to "throw someone up against the wall" Please let me know....I'd love to watch...
I love this age also... It is hilarious to see the world through their eyes. A kid in my personal finance class will not be convinced that it is cheaper to buy groceries than to eat out!!!:)
ahhh life experiences!!!