Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thinking about my boys...

I always call them "my boys," we could get one boy and one girl but I think the odds are pretty low because in the adoption world most people want infant girls.

I wonder tonight if they are cold and need someone to hold them and tuck their covers around them just a little tighter.

Are they hungry? I wish I could give them a little bran muffin for a snack so they could sleep all the way through the night without waking up to hunger pains.

Are they lonely? I am looking forward to when all my kids will share a room and laughter will ring out into the hallway.

Are they scared? Tired? Hurt? Lost? Broken by life?

My heart breaks for the pain that they will have to endure and what they already have gone through. There is always pain and loss when there is adoption, but we are so excited for them to join our family that sometimes I don't reflect enough on what had to happen for them to come here.

At supper tonight Grace asked if we could talk about Jesus in Ethiopia. (Prompted by the fact we have a Voice of the Martyrs map on our wall that shows countries where is it extremely dangerous to preach the gospel. Parts of Ethiopia are in red) I explained that we could and we could show the love of Christ without using words too. Then she said, "As soon as our brothers come, I want to tell them about Jesus. Oh wait, they won't know our language. Well, if they spoke Spanish..." I had to interrupt and remind her that they don't speak Spanish in Ethiopia, but we could learn Jesus loves you in their own language. A huge smile came across her face and her big brown eyes lit up and she gave me a nose nuzzle and said, "That is a great idea Mom!"

Oh - I love her heart! The simple faith and straight forwardness of my five year old.

Tonight I go to bed dreaming of what their sweet little faces look like.

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