Saturday, February 21, 2009

Check out ladies

Yesterday Adie and I went out to run some errands because Grace and Lydia were on a special adventure with Grandpa and Grandma. We ended up at Walmart (we usually do because I need more supplies for Wings). I can't go through Walmart without checking out the clearance section because you just never know what could be in there:) I am always looking for gifts, prize box items and items for our Compassion Boxes.

We hit a jackpot with the valentines items being 90% off. We were able to get 10 stuffed bears for .30 each and cute little buckets and candy hearts etc. Then I went to the shoe departement because when we go to Ethiopia to pick up our children I want to bring a whole suitcase full of shoes. (No matter where you go in Africa, shoes are always needed) I found a whole bunch of nice shoes for $2 a pair...cheaper than Savers!

Back to the reason for this post, I was at the checkout and the lady gave me a smile and said, "That is a great deal on those bears."

"Yes, it is. I buy these things for Operation Christmas Child. Have you ever heard of it?"

Of course she has never heard of it because I havent' talked to a single person here in St. Cloud who has heard of it besides my sister-in-law, but then again she just moved here 1 .5 years ago.

I was able to share with her how we pack shoe boxes as a family and how they are sent all over the world to needy children. They then hear the gospel because of a little booklet enclosed in their own language. She thought it was so neat that she said she was going to look it up after work. I had a great time talking with her!

After this conversation, I decided that our church needs to be a collection station next year. (They don't know this yet, but I will let them know:) We need to get the word out in central Minnesota! The closest collection point is in Maple Grove and I think that is just plain silly!

Now that I have written it down, I will better be able to hold myself accountable to what the Lord has told me to do!


Courtney said...

wow. good for you...the accountability part! we love doing those shoeboxes, too! (and i love being able to be a little creative with them!)

Dawn said...

The AWANA kids (now RAD) have collected shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child before at Calvary. And Westwood has been a collection site in the past. Some people in St. Cloud DO know about it. =) My hubby and I have participated for several years and love this ministry. I love your enthusiasm for it!!! And I'd love Calvary to be a collection site!