Monday, February 9, 2009

Romance: inconvient and inpractical

Carl and I have used this definition for some time now. Where we heard it, I have no idea. He probably remembers but my memory fails me. The true definition of romance is that it is inconvenient and impractical. A wife wants to know that her husband thought about her and really went out of his way to do something for her or buy her something etc. Now for me, I don't like it when Carl spends a lot of money on me. That is just not the way that I am wired. I would rather have one single rose vs. a whole dozen (and if he found a good deal on it would be better...because I know that it is easy to find things over priced, but for him to find it on sale means he had to work harder at it.)

So this brings me to an email I received last night from a hubby of woman who checked out my Wings site. He said that she loved my head scarves and he wanted to buy one for her for Valentine's day. This guy had to pay attention to what she said, find my site and actually order one that he thought was cute. Oh I love it! I am so excited to send it out.

I am sorry for all of you who are reading this and secretly hoping that it was your husband who did this. But there was only one email last night ladies. You could always direct him to this post:)

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Livin' out loud said...

Hi! I just found you this morning and I wanted to say what a lovely family you have! praying for your adoption process to be smoooooth!