Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

Grace was a photographer this weekend, but the big bummer is that all of her photos are corrupted. I can't view them right now. They were extremely cute when I saw them. This picture Grace was taking a picture of Carl and Carl was taking a picture of her.

Adie loves to be in the backpack...even though she doesn't look very happy.

They were putting a lot of "love" in the bread.

They were pretending that they were sleeping.

It took us 12 hours and 5 minutes to get home from the ranch. We were VERY thankful to finally make it back. We have figured out that Adie has about 5 hours of car seat time and then things can go a little sour.

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HOME...the most important place on earth said...

A couple things...
1. I would LOVE to hear how your family time goes! It has been a great thing for our family.

2. Your hair clips for girls...tell me more! Alayna wants to grow her hair long, I told her that's ok as long as she lets me fix her hair. I'm having a TERRIBLE time finding a barret (sp?) to stay in her hair and keep her bangs back. Would yours work for silky hair like hers?

We will be in St. Cloud Jan. 2,3,4ish -- will you guys be around? We're celebrating Christmas then, but we'd love to stop in and see you guys even for a little bit if that works for you.