Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nifty Idea

So tonight I started wrapping presents. It more or less stemmed from the fact that I needed to clean out my stash of gifts and really write down who was getting what. I shop all year round for gifts because it saves on the pocket book come December. I am always listening to what family and friends tell me and most of my gifts really come from the heart. I don't like to give gifts that will just sit and collect dust somewhere.

Back to my nifty idea. I found a lap desk for in bed for my nephew for Christmas. I could not find a box to fit it in so, I went to my stash of fabric and found an old sheet. I sewed it up and now I have a great gift bag. I am quite proud of my little accomplishment tonight. So lesson for those old sheets because you never know when they will be handy! I might have to make some more bags with them!

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