Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The sleepover!

We had 5 out of 6 cousins come over for pretzel dipping, supper and a movie. The three oldest are now snug in the bedroom with Grace, Lydia and Adie. Yes there are 6 children sleeping in one room tonight. I am very curious how it will go because Adie has been a pickle the past few nights.

The video actually shows them all very quiet but I have to admit that they were more like a bunch of JH boys who just slammed a Mountain Dew, running around, building forts and boy can 8 children be loud! We just don't have any place to tell them to "go and play." Someday, Lord willing, we will have a basement!

All in all the kids were great! I feel so blessed that we can live next to our cousins and have so many fond memories such as these. What was I thinking dipping pretzels with 8 kids 8 and under? I am glad that I had the foresight to put freezer paper on the table...made clean up a breeze!

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HOME...the most important place on earth said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I'm so happy for you guys...living near family. Years ago you talked about this happening, all ending up in St. Cloud and now it has. Amazing how God works those things out!