Sunday, December 28, 2008

Feeling like home...

We have found our church home and haven fallen head over heals in love with the body of Christ. I haven't felt this way since we left Fargo. We have visited and went to many churches in the past 4 years but nothing felt like "home." Don't get me wrong we have met and participated with many wonderful people and churches but it just hasn't felt like we are completely home. This is the FRIENDLIEST church I have ever been to! They welcome the socks off of any newcomer! (and it is not just the greeters....everyone comes up to you and says..."Hey, I have never met you before, I am so and so." The preaching is awesome and they seem to be a church striving after the gospel. I feel blessed!

Today the Pastor talked about rest and how we need to rest in order to get rest. I am the queen of the checklist and my checklist is always going! I start one every week with hopes of finishing it. But today - I took a nap! It was very refreshing to close my eyes. I didn't do anything on my list today!

With that being said, after 6 months of being here we are settled. The newness has worn off and we are into the real routine of life here in Minnesota. We don't long for SF or our way of life there, we love exactly where God has called us.

I had the opportunity to talk to an old friend from Fargo for an hour last night and that always warms my heart. (it is not too often that I have time to talk for an hour!)


HOME...the most important place on earth said...

What did you find to be your church home? We will be in St. Cloud Fri - Sun, if there's a time that works for you, we'd love to see you guys if only for a little bit. I'm glad you found a church home...what a blessing!

Valerie said...

Hey Angel, we love the headbands Jessie gave to the girls. I may have to order some. Happy New Year!