Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gracie's getting married...

This morning at 7:00 am I let all the kids come out of the bedroom - (They were up at 5:50, but we have a rule that you must stay in your bed until 7 - so same rules apply when the cousins are here.)
Grace informed everyone at the breakfast table that she was going to marry Simon.

Then she told me, "You know mom, he is 3 1/2"

I had to correct her and tell her that he did just turn 4.

"Well, I need to be older than him, so that I can take my driver's test first."

"Oh, that's great honey. I am sure Betsy will be really happy that she can be apart of our family."

I am kind of glad that she arranged her own marriage.

Oh Grace I would love for you to stay by baby girl forever! But I know all too soon you will be walking down the isle. Until then, I am going to cherish everyday!

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Tengesdal 4 said...

Well, I might be a little biased but he does look pretty sharp in a tux!!! Tell Gracie that I can't wait to be part of the family!!