Friday, September 19, 2008

Carrie's having her baby

My sister-in-law is having her baby today.  Right now she is being induced and we are waiting for the news.  Carl will actually be there for the birth to take pictures of right afterward, so I will hopefully have some cute ones to post later today.  Be in prayer for Carrie today!

I really wanted to post my tittle as "baby's coming" or  something along that line, but then I would have everyone thinking that I was pregnant. As far as I know, I am not pregnant, but we did go to our first adoption meeting last night. Exciting and scary all in the same breath.  We are praying over adopting a sibling group 2-3 kids at one time.  I know some of you are thinking we are crazy, but we already knew that about ourselves so we are not surprised.  God's heart is for adoption.  Jesus talks repeatedly in the New Testament about taking care of the orphaned and the widowed.  I am looking forward to the hard adventure that God has before us. 

 We haven't officially started the process yet, I am going to prayerfully wait until Carl is ready. We are in the process of saving $30,000 to pay for everything.  I know God is so faithful and He is going to provide ways for us to save and earn the money needed.  I was a penny pincher before but we are going to a whole new level because I want to go and get our babies.  

I am off to go and kiss my babies that are already in my home...

Blessings today!

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jenny said...

I just came to check in for pictures... I'll check in again later. They've been in our prayers today. So exciting about your adoption meeting! I think it's fabulous and not crazy at all! I'll be praying and excited to hear how the process goes. Just think.. somewhere out there right now there are children who may one day end up in your home. How blessed they'll be!