Thursday, September 11, 2008


I had a brilliant idea this morning!  One of those "ah ha" moments where you feel like you invented the wheel, but you know that it has already been invented and everyone else is thinking..."we already knew that."  Anyways, I let the girls cut up pears to make pear sauce using the knives for cutting pumpkins.  They thought they were so old because they were able to use a "knife."  (a very dull one for that matter)  I think these little knives are going to get some use in the future!

Speaking of sauce...You will never guess where I found more applesauce.  If you guessed my 14 foot ceiling you are exactly right!  I looked up today and couldn't believe how much made it up that far!  I need Carl to get on the ladder and scrub that off for me!  Crazy!  

Lydia wanted me to take her picture in her really cute sweater.  You gotta love hand me downs from the cousins.

We had some friends over tonight from our co-op.  It was so wonderful to be entertaining again and have people over to our house. They were a neat family that I am excited to get to know better.  They just moved to ST. Cloud just like us.   I am reminded at how much I love to entertain.  We had it to where we were having someone over for dinner at least once per week.  Slowly we will get back into the entertaining mode!

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jenny said...

Thanks again for having us! We had a great time. We enjoyed getting to know you and your family and will definitely have to do it again. I know what you mean about entertaining.. we're used to having friends over a lot too, and we miss doing that. We'll have to have you guys over... I told Joe your idea about a morning hike sometime and he thought that sounded great. It was nice visiting with you, Carl, Carrie, and all the kids.. very relaxing and refreshing. And the pear sauce was fantastic! (We're glad it didn't ALL end up on the floor, ceiling, under the microwave, etc!)