Monday, July 20, 2009

Meal planning Ideas

First make lists of meals your family likes to eat and put them into categories: Type it out and save it because then you can add more to your list once you try new recipes! This step will take a little time but will save you oodles of time later! Trust me! Plus ask your kids and husband what their favorites are and make sure they make the list. (It is easy for me to skip over making the things that I don't like, but if the rest of family likes should make the list. I make my kids eat things they don't like...just ask Grace and Lydia)

Breakfast - yes we eat breakfast for supper
Quick meals
Noodle meals
Random don't fit into any category

Then it makes putting the menu together quite easy because you can pick from the list. I try to do chicken, hamburger, Italian, breakfast and grilled each week night.

This week:
Monday - Homemade vegetable soup
Tuesday - Chicken, rice and brocoli - it is an all in one meal
Wednesday - French toast and smoothies
Thursday - Stroganoff and green beans
Friday - BLT
Saturday - Roast Ham, Potatoes and peas


Tengesdal 4 said...

Do you do lunch and supper?? I am starting to really lack creativity on the lunches....we should swap menus sometime... I'll send you my month and you can send me yours :)

crazylady said...

ohhhh that reminds me...we haven't had stroganoff in a lONG time!! Thank you!
I do something similar... I have small spiral notebook that has different sections in it and all our favorite meals and then I pick from it to make my meal lists. I LOVE having meal lists and the groceries already in the cupboard...seems like a no brainer...but it helps with variety!
I also make more than our family can eat...ALWAYS. Then we have lunch the next day and I freeze a portion for Art to take to work.