Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cleaning party

Last night I went to an Essential Oil party and learned how to clean my house with non-toxic chemicals.

I have to admit that I am sold on the idea. I started cleaning my toilets this morning with baking soda and vinegar and it worked splendid. I used their sample of laundry detergent and loved it.

I am hoping that getting rid of the harmful chemicals will maybe help with my headaches that I have. (3-4 times a week) I always thought it was my thorn that I just needed to deal with, but maybe this will help. I know it will help Lydia's eczema.

At first glance it can look expensive to start, but I look at it as 1 doctor visit and I have it paid for. (You pay a lot out of pocket when you own your own business...there is no such thing as $10 co-pay for a quick visit.)

I will let you know how things work next week. I also learned of a great store that I need to stop at on my way to the cities - Trader Joe's. It has been recommended now 3 times in the past week. (Natural foods, soaps, and all sorts of random stuff.)


crazylady said...

yes yes yes...on the Trader Joe's thing- in Maple Grove. It is comparative to "Full Circle" at Cash Wise and Coborns- on pricing- but more variety and fresh fruits and veggies.

Older generations used baking powder and vinegar for EVERYTHING! We have been sucked into commercialism even for our cleaning supplies!

Flip-flop Mama said...

You should do a longer post on natural cleaning products! I'd be interested :)

Katie said...

Trader Joe's also has fabulous dark chocolate covered espresso beans! :-) Enjoy your trip!