Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Forgotten 500

I just finished the book, "The Forgotten 500" by Gregory Freeman.

This is the true story of 500 service men who were stranded in the mountains of Yugoslavia during WWII and the dramatic rescue of them. And how communist moles infiltrated in the higher ranks of the US and British forces during the war and were the catalyst for the Cold War that followed.

This is an excellent book if you like history or want to learn from history. I gained a great respect for the people of Yugoslavia and the service men of WWII. It also got me thinking about the current administration and how President Obama is appointing known supporters of communism into his Czar positions and how catastrophic that could and will be. When you appoint people to power who have no one to hold them accountable expect the president himself, and who do not believe whole heartily in democracy there are huge consequences to pay. You will read about it in the book and if you study know it repeats itself.

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Shonni said...

I love history and this sounds like a great book.
I am new to your blog and noticed that you are also adopting from Ethiopia. We are too. I was frustrated to find out from our agency that we may not get a court date till after oct.
We are praying to bring our son home before Christmas!!!
It is nice to meet you.